Who We Are

Feeling a little tempted? Find your next local sin with us! LocalSinTM is a social network that uses location technology to help you find hookups around you.

LocalSinTM provides men and women of all sexual orientation with matchmaking and dating in their area. Whatever your preferences are, we have it! Looking for a pan-sexual or a gay dating experience? LocalSinTM is your place of choice.

Unlike other Paysite or Online Dating Sites, this unique patented, multi-platform network combines a light mobile app for Android and iPhone with several features, a mobile WebApp for all touchscreen phones, a website and a Facebook app for your convenience.

The LocalSin mobile app or WebApp can be accessed by inserting www.localsin.com on to the phone's browser. It serves the same functions as the regular map and can be acquired without downloading.

The Facebook app makes it even easier to meet online and use the LocalSinTM features to search for hotties in your location and share with your friends.

The innovative GPS technology and real-time location will allow you to find partners and even businesses such as hotels, bars, massage parlors, etc. right near you. Scope a map of your area and start flirting. Message, blog, rank members, view picture gallery and lots of other features are offered.

Seize the opportunity today and hook up now with ease. Enter the vibrant and sexy community that everyone has been raving about.


What Do We Provide

LocalSinTM provides:

  • Opportunity – to find a person or party who are available for a fling
  • Compatibility – have the relevant people who match your specific preferences
  • Facilitation – find the right place on the map to meet up

Using location aware, mobile, and innovative propriety technologies, we overcome these challenges.

LocalSinTM has the following platforms for you to use:

  • Website
  • Mobile WebApp
  • Phone app for Android/iPhone
  • Facebook App

And various dynamic positioning technologies (GPS, Wi-Fi, CellID, and intuitive positioning). Furthermore, it provides a real-time intimate and secure communication between: mobile to mobile, mobile to web, web to mobile and web to web.

LocalSinTM empowers members in the sensual environment. Members can create their own profile and preferences, rank other members, define location manually or automatically, locate opportunities on maps in real-time, voice calls, text messaging, emails, and all the other traditional Web 2.0 such as: forums, blogs, videos, and picture galleries.

  • It provides private people with direct access to all imaginable resources near them, and thus with a complete integrative, personalized and interactive "Passion Map" of their current location
  • It enables business establishments to become Romantic resources (e.g. clubs, bars, strip clubs, motels and hotels etc. ) and to seamlessly integrate within other members
  • It enables relevant, established internet-based social networking operators to promptly gain innovative yet valid revenue generating service and a clear competitive edge
  • It entitles the business advertisers with a guaranteed exposure to unique, characterized, segmented, recognized and available consumers